The Lower Extremity Expert

With the lower limb HANK exoskeleton, a constant gait pattern is achieved that does not exist in traditional rehabilitation.

Who is it for?

HANK is a lower limb exoskeleton intended for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases or who have suffered cerebrovascular accidents (ictus). This solution is made up of 6 motorized joints that allow functional recovery of gait and personal autonomy.​

How does HANK fit?

Hank sets up in under 5 minutes and has no interchangeable parts. It adjusts to users from 1.50 – 1.95 meters in height and up to 100 kilos in weight, since it adapts to different anthropometric measurements thanks to its design of extensible bars and adaptable ties.

Why is it the only one with 6 engines?

One of the characteristics to mention of this product is the motorized ankle, since this joint is essential to avoid stations of fallen foot or equine, in addition to being necessary for the impulse at the beginning of the swing phase and key to maintaining balance.