The knee is composed of two joints, since it joins the femur with the tibia and the femur with the patella. It has various components such as menisci, ligaments, capsule, tendons, etc.

The structure of this joint is designed to support the weight of the body while performing any activity that involves standing. For this reason, it is common to suffer wear and tear and/or develop some type of injury throughout life, which can affect the practice of sports or even simple activities such as getting up or walking, producing a great impact on life. When this occurs, most cases require some type of surgery (partial or total joint replacement, arthroscopy, osteotomy, etc.).


Conventional physical therapy, such as therapy through the Belk knee exoskeleton available at the center can generate benefits in the patient to avoid joint stiffness, increase muscle mass, decrease pain, gain joint ranges, increase joint proprioception, and achieve a proper gait pattern.